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Why You Need an In-Home Elevator

There are many reasons why installing an in-home elevator is a great idea. The biggest reason being if you are elderly and/or disabled an in-home elevator allows you to lead an independent life despite any physical challenges. They are easy to use, easy to install and even increase the value of your home. These systems come with various safety measures such as emergency stop with alarm, one touch screen controls, power backup facility and more. In-home elevators come in many models and can be made uniquely for your home. They can be used inside, outside or both. It’s also possible to customize it to match your home. “Each model of home residential elevator is equipped with diverse systems and options such as energy efficient motor driving system, recessed gate pocket, digital floor indicator and voice trigger controls, making these elevators a highly practical and useful residential mobility solution.” Elevators vary in cost as well, and typically are anywhere from $17,000 to $35,000. They should be inspected twice a year so you are aware of any repairs that might be needed.

One common type of elevator is the hydraulic and is considered to be safer. A second popular type is a traction elevator and is recommended if you do not live in a area prone to earthquakes. A pneumatic elevator moves cars between each floor by using suction. Read the article online to see what other good elevators there are.