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The Three Kinds of Home Elevators

When someone is disabled or has trouble getting to different areas of the house their home can become like a prison to them. That is why in-home elevators are great for anyone who has trouble or will have trouble in the future getting around the house.

There are three different elevators you can install in your home. The types are residential, chair and inclined platform lift. The residential elevator is the most effective but also the most expensive of the three. It will need a modification of a substantial port of your floor plan. This can also be put in very subtly so it looks as if it’s part of the home decor.┬áThe chair elevator is best if you can still walk safely on level surfaces and it is fixed directly onto the current stairways. You would sit on the chair, hit the remote and it takes you up or down a level. The inclined platform lift is similar to the chair lift but without the chair. It does however, have a platform where your wheelchair will fit. Again you would hit a remote and it takes you in your wheelchair up or down. It’s simple and easy to operate as well.

If you or someone you know is interested in adding one of these three elevators to your home contact a professional installer today. Read the article online to learn more about the three types of elevators.