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Dumbwaiters can benefit all kinds of residents, whether it’s at work or at home. One type of work that really benefits from dumbwaiters are restaurants. If a restaurant is multi-story employees might have trouble carrying heavier dishes between floors. A dumbwaiter eliminates this problem and has been used for many years. Manual dumbwaiters use pulleys and aluminum tracks and can hold anywhere from one hundred to one thousand pounds (depending on the construction). ¬†Automated dumbwaiters, on the other hand, are electronically powered and activate a 3.5-horsepower motor.

Today dumbwaiters are used outside the restuarant world and mot popular with disbaled and elderly people. They can load the dumbwaiter with heavy items or even just laundry if they please. Other people can use it too for similar needs. Using a dumbwaiter system is less expensive than an in-home elevator and ranges in costs as well. Read more about dumbwaiters online and contact a dumbwaiter professional today to improve your home.