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Stair Lifts & Residential Stair Chairs

The seat riding the stairs goes by many names.  Whether you call it a Stairlift, Stairchair, Stairway Lift, or Elevator Stair Seat, these inexpensive units are a great solution to home accessibility from one level to another. Regain the use of your entire home by using a stairlift to take you up and down your stairs safely and comfortably. Our company is an authorized dealer for Acorn Stairlifts. They have carefully designed their Stairlift with the user in mind, making is easy to use and maintain while featuring a slimline fold-away design.
Standard Features:

  • Padded seat and backrest with a secure safety belt
  • Folding arms, footrest and seat allow for easy access to the stairway
  • Swivel seat for ease when entering or exiting unit
  • Five safety sensors to stop the Stairlift automatically if it encounters an obstruction.
Outside Stairlift Features:
  • All the same features of the indoor unit
  • Durable waterproof cover for outdoor protection