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LULA Elevators

Limited Use/Limited Application (LU/LA) elevators are an excellent way to
add value to and increase the accessibility of a commercial property.
LU/LA elevators have the look and feel of a commercial elevator on a
smaller scale and they can bridge the gap between commercial elevators
and vertical platform lifts. LU/LA elevator applications include
churches, schools, low-rise commercial buildings, and multi-family
  • Up to 1400-pound capacity
  • Up to 4 stops with up to 25′ of travel
  • 42″ wide x 60″ deep inside car size
  • Single stage hydraulic piston & cylinder
  • Heavy duty cantilevered design car sling with roller guide shoes
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASME A17.1 Safety Code
  • Hoistway Doors are two-speed horizontal sliding fire rated door with frame assemblies in prime (paintable) finish and extruded aluminum sills
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