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A home elevator gets you and your items where you need to go. Save yourself those weary steps: get the groceries to the upstairs kitchen of a waterfront home, or head down to the lower level garage. Inclinator-Elevette, Inc. elevators give everyone easy access to any floor, including those with a wheelchair or walker. VALUE ADDED: The increase in your home’s value often exceeds the cost of an elevator. It also makes your home ideal for resale to the growing market of older buyers. FITS ANY HOME: Our elevators are spacious yet use only a quarter of the space of a staircase. It can be designed into new construction or added during renovation. It can be housed in a shaft or in an open environment. If you already have an elevator in your home and it needs repair, we do that as well. We recommend inspecting your elevator once a year and offer repair services if something comes up wrong during the inspection.
Not all commercial elevators are equal. But you don’t need to get to the top of the Empire State Building, you just need something customized, for you. That’s why Inclinator-Elevette, Inc. offers Limited Use Limited Application elevators (LU/LA) as well as our very affordable Vertical Wheelchair Lifts. The LU/LA elevator system bridge the gap between conventional commercial grade elevators to provide workable solutions for architectural barriers. Our Inclinator VL wheelchair lift is considered the workhorse in the industry and is backed by Inclinator Co. of America’s reputation for reliability.
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In addition to elevators for the home, Inclinator-Elevette, Inc. also offers a wide range of wheelchair lifts, stairchairs, and homewaiters.
STAIRCHAIRS: Keep your independence and enjoy your home by keeping access to the whole house by taking advantage of technology your aged parent’s only dreamed of, and ride in comfort in a stairchair.
WHEELCHAIR LIFT: Don’t need a full elevator our Inclinator VL wheelchair lifts are affordable for any home.
HOMEWAITERS: Or protect your back by installing 120-pound capacity Inclinator Homewaiter to take your groceries, laundry, or other bulky items to another floor in your home. Call now to schedule a survey.
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Installing an Inclinator Dumbwaiter is ideal for homes, offices, medical practices, stores, restaurant, banks, libraries, and other applications. Our 200-, 300-, 500-pound capacity dumbwaiters effortlessly transport groceries, laundry, dishes, heavy documents or other items using a dumbwaiter. We provide custom fit for any application with functionality featuring solid construction and proven reliability.