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Is Your Business Catering to All of its Potential Clients? A Residential Elevator or Chair lift Could Help.

If you have something to sell, you want to make sure you cater to as many potential customers as you possibly can. If your business has multiple floors, you may have some customers that can’t transcend a staircase. Unfortunately, those customers can’t buy your stock if they can’t reach it. What can you do? How can you help them, and in turn help your business?

A residential elevator or stair lift might be the answer to your problem. If you have a business in a smaller storefront that is not equipped with an elevator, a residential elevator can be installed to help carry customers and employees that have trouble climbing stairs access your full business. As an added bonus, you can use that elevator to carry heavy stock items that might be difficult to take upstairs any other way. Not only can it help you run your business, it makes your business friendly to all types of clients.

Just because your business doesn’t have enough space to add an elevator doesn’t mean you can’t offer safe transportation to your upper floors for customers. A stair lift can fit almost any staircase and gently carries passengers from floor to floor. It can be folded away when not being used so it doesn’t get in the way of customers who can transcend the stairs without trouble.

Add accessibility to your business for all potential clients with the addition of an elevator or stair lift. You’ll be happy to have their business, and they’ll be happy that you care about their enjoyment and wellbeing.