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Dumbwaiters for the Medical Industry

Medical practices work very hard to create safe and sanitary environments to protect the health of both their workers and their patients. Just as important as offering care and advice to people in need is making sure they don’t take home any unwanted ailments with them. The medical industry works very hard to properly dispose of biohazardous waste to ensure that it doesn’t negatively affect the office environment.

Sometimes the disposal of medical waste can be a little tricky for medical practices working in older buildings, converted residences, or larger office complexes. They often see patients on multiple floors of a building, which means some of the dangerous medical waste created in the process of helping patients needs to transcend multiple floors to make it safely to its proper disposal containers. What if the employee disposing of the waste trips while carrying it and spills biohazardous material down the stairs? This could cause unnecessary danger to employees and patients alike. A garbage chute may seem like a better option, but that method of disposal is not without dangers as well. What if the bag carrying the waste rips while traveling down the chute? What if it breaks on impact with the trash receptacle at the bottom? There is safer solution. Dumbwaiters.

Installing a dumbwaiter can offer your medical practice a safe and effective tool to deal with unwanted waste. The dumbwaiter gently carries the waste from floor to floor until it reaches its final destination. It is safe, sanitary, easy to use, and alleviates some of the hazards of disposing of medical waste. Consider adding a dumbwaiter to your practice today.