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Commercial and Residential Dumbwaiters for Your Home

Dumbwaiters work on the same principle as elevators, in the sense that they move items up and down the levels of your home or business. The most common type is an electric dumbwaiter powered by a three or four h/p motor that generally can hold up to seven hundred and fifty pounds. Keep in mind, however, that you can customize any dumbwaiter for your specific needs.

Back when dumbwaiters were first invented they were powered by human hands who pulled the rope to get movement. Today dumbwaiters are usually electric and are available in many models with different prices. To read more about electronic dumbwaiters look at the article.  Dumbwaiters have various features including the way they look so they have a cover so it looks like it’s part of your home’s decor. They aren’t necessarily these obnoxious holes in your wall. Commercial and residential dumbwaiters run on a track system and have safety brakes built in.

Dumbwaiters are primarily used for elderly and those who are physically disabled, but they can also be used for anyone who would benefit from not having to carry heavy items. “The most important inventions are often the ones we overlook and that help us in our day-to-day living.” Commercial and residential dumbwaiters are among those inventions.