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What Influences the Price of an In-Home Elevator

in-home elevator

When a member of the family has decreased mobility, it’s important to consider options that will make daily life easier. However, many families assume that an in-home elevator or chairlift is out of the range of possibilities. By considering what influences the price of these solutions, you can come up with a plan that addresses the needs of your loved one while staying in your own realm of affordability.

Why Should I Install an Elevator or Chairlift?

The first consideration is why you should consider one of these solutions. Accessibility is the biggest reason for either purchase. If you have a multi-level home and there are things your loved one needs on various levels, such as a shower, it becomes necessary to avoid disaster. Even further, such an installation can increase the value of a home, particularly in areas where a lot of elderly and disabled persons live.

Costs for an Elevator

On average, an elevator will cost $20,000 for full installation in a home. While it seems like a large amount of money, this figure covers all aspects of an elevator from the unit to the labor and safety requirements. However, it is important to know that elevators installed for medical reasons could qualify for a tax deduction, leading to lower overall costs.

Additional costs arise from vertical shafts that are created by architects, upscale features or materials, carpentry work, higher ceilings for access, permits, and installation.


If a $20,000 price point is not in the cards for your budget, chairlifts are much more affordable and give a lot of the same convenience. Rather than having a cabin that can travel between levels, a chair will literally lift the rider over the staircase which will lessen the risk of incident on stairwells, which pose a large risk for older and disabled folk.

Chairlifts require much less labor for installation and don’t need the shafts and heightened ceilings often required for an elevator. In fact, most of these lifts are already assembled. The track will have to be adjusted to fit the specifications of each unique stairway. Higher installation prices come from stairs that have more curves that make it necessary to further customize the track. Site complications can also add to the price, but an in-person quote can often be reliable for an estimate of how much a chairlift will cost a family.

The safety of your loved ones is important to us at Inclinator Elevette. Contact us today to find out how our services can help your family.

Get the Facts on Hiring Home Modification Contractors

A personal elevator may help prevent dangerous falls.

When someone you love has a physical disability, you want to make sure that their home is comfortable and more importantly, accessible. This can be a tall order, considering certain homes, like older houses or apartments. However, you shouldn’t feel like you’re in over your head. There are many resources out there, and this blog is one of them. In it, we’ll discuss some essential information regarding the hiring of a home modification contractor, including what to expect and some common mistakes people make.

Tip # 1: Ask for References

When initially looking to hire a home modification contractor, you might be tempted to go with the first one you see listed. After all, you want this project done as quickly as possible so that your loved one can have an accessible home. It is wise, however, to wait and get several references from the two or three contractors you have narrowed your list down to. The references should be asked if the project was completed on schedule, if there were any sort of “hidden” expenses, and what it was like, generally speaking, to work with the contractor and their workers.

If a contractor doesn’t want to supply any references, run far away! This is a sign that they cannot be trusted.

Tip # 2: Get Several Bids

Home modification projects are going to get expensive, especially if a bathroom remodel is involved. That’s why it’s important to get several different bids from contractors regarding the specific work you are requesting.

Also, be wary of bids that are very low. They may be too good to be true. Hidden costs can creep up on you, particularly when you don’t read the fine print. Financing may always be a bit of an issue, so go with the contractor that offers the best job at a relatively good price.

Tip # 3: Figure out Times and Schedules

You probably don’t want your contractor showing up at 5 A.M. to do the job. Being clear about what times you are available, as well as what times are best for the contractor to work, will benefit everyone involved.

Setting a schedule is also a wise decision. There may be days where there is bad weather, or maybe the parts for your remodel arrived broken. While these things happen, it is still a good idea to set up a work schedule with both your hours and your contractor’s in mind. That way, your remodel will be as close to on schedule as possible.

Tip # 4: Address Specifics in the Contract

When creating a contract between you and the company doing your home modifications, make sure to stop and consider the details. For example, how often will the contractors clean up their work area? Will they clear debris? And what about their construction equipment? Will it destroy your yard or driveway?

These items can easily be forgotten, but they are still very important. You don’t want you or your loved one living in a dusty, paint-splattered house or apartment until everything’s finished.  Considering the details will go a long way in making certain that the remodeling process goes smoothly.

Call the Professionals When it’s Time

If you are looking for home modifications that involve an in-home elevator or dumbwaiter, those require a professional who can do the job right. Contact us today for quality service and installation. Our team at Inclinator Elevette will work with you to design and install the solution that’s best for your home.