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Benefits of a Vertical Wheelchair Lift

Having a wheelchair lift is great because a person in a wheelchair can be elevated or lowered between floors at all times without any discomfort in their chair. Many people have physical handicap problems or are elderly (or a combination of both) and need assistance around the house. Because they can’t move about as freely as others wheelchair lifts enable them to.

A vertical wheelchair lift is powered by hydraulics and electricity and have a few different models. These models are enclosed, shaft way, stage and opal. The enclosed model is when the wheelchair and the boarder can be placed on a platform that is enclosed with walls as it moves. The Shaft way model is used in both commercial and residential areas. It is also fixed simialry to an elevator. The Stage model has just a platform and is used for shorter heights and distances. The Opal model has an open ceiling and is most like the enclosed model.

The benefits of vertical wheelchair lifts are that it lets those in need have a more active lifestyle and enjoy the freedom of going where they please. Read the rest of the article online to learn about more benefits of having a vertical wheelchair lift in your commercial or residential area. If you or someone you know is thinking about installing a vertical wheelchair lift be sure to contact a professional to find out estimates and installation processes.