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New Jersey Elevator Sales & Installation

If you live or have a business in New Jersey, Inclinator-Elevette, Inc. is your authorized dealer for Inclinator Co. of America residential elevators, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair stair lifts. In shore homes from Cape May County to Monmouth County, we regularly install residential elevators for beach properties.  What a benefit to add a residential elevator to you beach rental property, your renters will have the ease of bringing their suitcases and groceries for their stay without the back-breaking of carrying them up flights of stairs.  Or you may need your elevator for medical reasons and live in Cumberland County to Mercer County. Or maybe you have an elevator already and it needs repair. We will detect the problem and repair it in all the counties listed above. We are conveniently located in the business district of Mount Ephraim, NJ and have easy access  from Route 295 to travel all of New Jersey from top to bottom.
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