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Delaware Elevator Sales & Installation

If you live or have a business in Delaware, Inclinator-Elevette, Inc. is your authorized dealer for Inclinator Co. of America residential elevators, dumbwaiters, and wheelchair stair lifts. In homes from New Castle County to Kent County, whether in-land or down the coast many have residential elevators to commercial dumbwaiters installed in their residences or places of business.  In townhouse complex in Wilmington, DE we have (8) machine roomless chain drives systems installed. We also offer elevator repair anywhere in your Delaware home. Like all machines, elevators won’t last forever but Inclinator-Elevette, Inc. will help fix yours as soon as possible. We are conveniently located in the business district of Mount Ephraim, NJ and have easy access  from Route 295 over the Commodore Barry Bridge to meet the needs of our clients in Delaware.
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