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A Rise in Purchases of Residential Elevators in 2013

It’s not a surprise that the amount of residential elevators sold in the year of 2013 has gone up. There has been a huge increase of people sixty-five and older, in addition to new senior living facilities. Jon Tevz, store owner of All About Access, reports that his sales too have majorly increased. “According to the Administration On Aging, people sixty-five years and above numbered nearly fourty million in 2009 and that number is expected to jump to more than seventy-two million in 2030.” No wonder the demand of in-home elevators is so high right now, that increase is huge and is only going to get bigger.

Residential elevators can be installed in existing homes and new homes that are being constructed. All it takes is a small closet space, attic or part of a room and the elevator can be put in very subtly with the rest of the home’s decor. Other companies like Tevz’s can help with installation so be sure to contact someone if you decide to benefit your home by putting in an elevator. To read more about the increase this year check out the article online.