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100 years of Inclinator-Elevette

From its founding by Oscar Smith in 1914 to its current CEO and president Ron DiLenge in 2014, Inclinator-Elevette has been providing the highest quality products and services in the residential elevator business. Technology fads have come and gone over the past 100 year, but residential elevators, lifts, and dumbwaiters remain important additions to homes and businesses today.

In 1914 when Oscar Smith founded Inclinator-Elevette, the United States was on the verge of World War I. Silent movies were all the rage, automobiles had only been on the market for about a decade, and women still didn’t have the right to vote. In home radios for entertainment were still a few years away. Today we live in a world of smart phones, personal computers, HD televisions, and instant information; all technology Oscar Smith probably could never have dreamed of. Just like people needed personal elevators 100 years ago to help with mobility needs, we still use them today for the same reasons. It’s one thing we still hold in common today with the people of 1914.

A personal elevator, lift, or dumbwaiter was probably quite the luxury 100 years ago, but today they are an affordable addition to any home or business looking to offer better service options to residents and clients. Inclinator-Elevette is your source for all of your residential elevator needs and services just like they have been for the past 100 years.